5 Articles That Resonated with My Readers the Last Year


Happy coming! Miracles to you in the New Year! Hello dear friends! A new, 2022 year has come — and the majority, as the comments under previous articles have shown, want to seal and slowly recover, gaining strength before the working year. Today I have prepared for you a selection of my articles in 2021, which caused the greatest response from my readers, they were most read and discussed in the comments.It's me — the author of the channel «» This is me — the author of the channel «» Look, maybe you missed something — and re-read — it won't hurt to have fun either. Enjoy reading! And I will be glad to your comments! What kind of sweets do the Chinese bring from Russia? Here, it seems, is a simple informational article — but it excited readers! Most of the discussion in the comments is devoted to who loves what from the sweets indicated in the material. Do you like the above? What kind of sweets do the Chinese bring in suitcases from Russia: but we are indifferent to them! Usually, how — they say that many do not like to be in hotels next to Russians. I raised the question — with whom the Russians do not want to rest next to. It is very interesting to read the comments, I recommend it! Tourists from Russia also choose: with whom Russians do not want to rest nearby June 5, 2021 . Perhaps this article caused the most negative reaction from the articles in the collection: people travel in different trains and different cars, so sometimes there are disputes over the number of seats and their convenience) Where is the best seat on the train and how to choose it. The layout of the numbering of seats in the carriages of Russian RailwaysJune 8, 20214. First impressions of a Swede visiting Russian relatives. Watching foreigners is always interesting, and reading about their reaction to what is familiar to us is doubly interesting. Moreover, in his impressions, Sven raised really important questions — for example: “Why are Russians always unhappy with everything?” The Swede visited new Russian relatives: the first impressions of a Scandinavian July 21, 20215. difficult over the past year, I have never heard so many insults as in the comments below it. But with her I "learned Zen" and I learned not to take such comments to the heart. But I just told my opinion and my impressions about the rest in Crimea 🙂 4 minuses of the Crimean holiday — or why I no longer want to rest in the Crimea do you remember last year? Or maybe something hooked? Thank you for having me! I really value each subscriber and I am glad to new ones! Subscribe, if you haven't subscribed yet, we will travel the world and share our impressions further!

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