A real fairy tale: 10 photos of winter Karelia and a general review of the January trip


WITH gentle immersion Hello, dear friends! Now I am writing articles about various places in Karelia that I visited during these New Year holidays. But I realized that there is not enough general picture, a general impression for an already detailed analysis and display of each place separately. Today I am giving you a winter image that remained in my soul from snowy Karelia. Take a walk with me! Of course, it is very difficult to fit in 10 photos — that's why some have galleries, scroll through them, enjoy! The first thing that Petrozavodsk met us was Onega (Lake Onega) and a frost of about 20 degrees. It's really strong! And it is difficult even for us, accustomed to St. Petersburg humidity. The lake itself is covered in ice, and the embankment is amazing — endless, snowy and with interesting objects. There are only a few in the gallery that I remember and like.Scroll = > Scroll = > Scroll = > This is my first time in the capital of Karelia, so there are a lot of photos — mostly in icicles and snow caps. One of the houses in Petrozavodsk, very close to an expensive residential complex on the Varkaus embankment the long Yamka park and the river with the sweet name Lososinka, flowing through it and leaving in Onega. And the mysterious ice phenomenon — ice plaques completely fascinated. It was also in Petrozavodsk that I saw bullfinches for the first time in 7-8 years — immediately a flock, fat ones, which I am very happy about! These are exactly the shots when you look with your eyes, absorb impressions and your hand does not even reach for the camera. But, of course, the most important impression of Karelia in winter for me was winter nature — in all its manifestations! Seeing enough of the winter road, when everything is covered in snow, in my opinion, is simply impossible! And even if this frame does not pretend to be a flat horizon and a neat picture — but it conveys my feeling from this winter road fairy tale. We drove on such roads for a lot of hours — and I never got tired of looking out the window! In the cold, albeit not the worst (about minus 10), we visited the Kizhi reserve — the very one where the church was made without nails. It stands on an island, to which they made their way through the beauties of the lake on a hovercraft — a hovercraft. I will tell and show the views later in one of the stories. I even want to print this photo separately — it conveys the feeling of a frosty winter so much: Look how beautiful both nature and wooden buildings are combined with frost! Do you hear the crunch of the snow under your feet? The Kizhi Ensemble in Winter The Kizhi Ensemble in Winter Over these few days we climbed the Sampo mountain (about 40 meters high) through the snow twice and admired the snow-covered surroundings. We wanted nature — here is nature for us! View from Mount Sampo View from Mount Sampo We visited the first balneological resort in Russia «Marcial Waters», which was personally opened by Peter the Great, and tried water from all wells for all organs))))) Martial waters. Here, too, it could not have done without snow! Martial waters. Here, too, it was not without snow! And the territory of the Kivach nature reserve, where the waterfall of the same name is located, simply struck me! Spruce paws under snow caps, Karelian birches — and everything is insanely beautiful! Plus the waterfall itself is one of the largest flat waterfalls in Europe, I didn’t even know that there were such before. I thought that a waterfall is when the water falls from above))) Large falling snow began just in time when we were about to leave — and it turned out that we were in a snowfall. Kivach waterfall Karelian birches under snow caps Kivach waterfall winter sunset on the track, which saw us off before leaving. We wanted to fully enjoy the winter nature — we did it. I highly recommend — you will feel the winter, and a beautiful winter at that! Do you like winter and snow?

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