Food in Belgium — what to try?


What can a tourist eat in Belgium? Of course, gastronomic tourism is not taken into account, and I do not pretend to a detailed analysis of tastes — but I still want to give some guidelines. I proceed from the fact that when preparing a vacation, such a review would help me to orient myself in advance — although on the spot we still behaved according to the situation. So, the main food for a tourist, the simplest tourist who does not go in Michelin restaurants — these are cafes and restaurants. There are a lot of cafes in Belgium, the closer to the center, the more their number per square meter increases. Choose for yourself — which direction you like. My advice— — a lot of people, they have been sitting for a long time, happy and relaxed — everything is fine, we have to go. And if they are tense, their faces are gloomy, they are reluctantly poking around in the plates — not with their feet!))) By prices: the average prices for hot dishes are 14-18-20 euros in cafes. Serving sizes may vary depending on the restaurant. Carbonara, as a rule, is served in huge portions almost everywhere — this is what I love and what I often ordered. carbonara in BelgiumMany advise — and order mussels in Belgium. For those who love them, I strongly advise you to pay attention. They are served in large «pans», the price is 18-25 euros — I have seen such a range of prices. For those who are in a hurry — there are fast food chains in Belgium: there is a Burger King chain we know — but not numerous, there is a fast food chain Quick. Prices for Europe are very affordable, there are a lot of greens in classic burgers — this is about the featuresQuick burger in BelgiumQuick burger in BelgiumWell, why not try Belgian beerin Belgium? You can go to the brewery, the addresses are well googled on the Internet — there, of course, there will be delicious, aromatic and different beer. Jupiler beer Jupiler beer and restaurants). I also insist that you try cherry ale — unfortunately no photo — ordered in a cafe. We do not recommend KWAK beer — it is very strong, and you need to drink it only from a special glass — otherwise it is not interesting) Another mandatory item "grocery" programs in Belgium are chocolate. Belgian chocolate —it's insanely delicious! I strongly advise you to try candy truffles in shops and milk chocolate. Even white Belgian doesn't taste like putty, but delicious! Belgian chocolate Belgian chocolate You can buy chocolate anywhere, the largest selection is in the Leonidas chain of stores, the prices there do not differ from supermarkets, I would say, but your eyes run wide! You will be interested: where to buy the most delicious chocolate in Belgium? As I was told in the comments, there are also small chocolate boutiques where you can even buy chocolate fondant. I just strongly recommend to feast on Leonidas main chocolate shop ice cream for 3 euros — lick your fingers, inside is thick-thick a layer of chocolate! Ice cream in Belgium, photo by the author Ice cream in Belgium, photo by the author And, of course, where without the most famous Belgian waffles! A must try! There are no beautiful photos, because while eating waffles I try to put all valuable things away — otherwise they will be completely in food. The streets are full of «waffle + drink» advertising lures; for 2 euros. This includes just a waffle, without a single topping, and a drink that looks like fruit ice: a lot of ice and something like Jupi diluted)))) The photo below is just such a set. Belgian waffles, photo of the author Belgian waffles, photo of the author Waffle, of course, it's good without topping: it's tender, melts in your mouth, and has slightly caramelized edges.- as a rule, you can type your own content — and it will be just lick your fingers! Such wafers are given on a cardboard substrate with a disposable fork, so that the network is more convenient. What is not in the topping — the eyes run wide. We took these waffles with us to the hotel — fortunately, they could be bought right on the next street. But many sit down and enjoy themselves on the steps right next to the stall. Be sure to try it!!! And don't take more than one waffle at a time — remember, your eyes are envious, and the waffles are the most satisfying! At approximate prices, I orientated you, the only thing left is to buy a ticket to Belgium! Have a delicious trip !!!More on Otzovik.RuSave to bookmarks, repost so as not to lose it online!Friends, do not forget to like (thumbs up), share the article on social networks and ask questions in the comments — so I will know that my articles about traveling around Europe are useful for you and the work is not in vain!Subscribe to my channel — there are many fascinating texts about traveling around Europe with specific tips and tricks!

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