Food in Italy: what to try is a MUST?


The most important, the most important thing is the divine Italian cuisine! I think many people know what Italy is famous for in terms of gastronomic offers, but today with my article I want to focus on what you should not miss in Italy in any case!I’ll make a reservation right away: I’m not a fan of seafood, and even just not a fan, because I miss this part in my article — I can’t say anything about them. Italian pastries When preparing a trip to Rome, I knew only one thing — that there was pasta and pizza. But when choosing a hotel, it turned out that almost all serve the so-called «Italian breakfast» for breakfast. — a croissant, jam and coffee. And for us, a hotel (not an apartment) is needed precisely in order not to cook for ourselves, and eat heartily in the morning — for the whole day, and forward to the unknown! With difficulty, but in the right price category, in the right area and according to our requirements, we found a hotel — and by the way, I can safely recommend it. I'll tell you more about the hotel in one of the following articles — subscribe so as not to miss it!Among other things , a very common traditional Italian pie — crostatawas always served for breakfast.. We met it only with jam of different flavors, but the filling can be different. Shortcrust pastry pie and sooo satisfying! The rest of the time we enjoyed pasta, pizza and gelato — these three dishes were based on our two-week diet. They didn't get better at all (and how long we walked …), the food didn't get tired — moreover, upon arrival home, I began to cook carbonara pasta, as I spied on in a restaurant, and now this is one of the favorite dishes of our home menu. Italian pasta Still different in Italy and in terms of the composition of pasta — compared brought in different forms and varieties and ours, which also says «made in Italy» — the difference is palpable. Plus those culinary highlights — black pepper, rich Parmigiano… Mmmm! My favourite, my favorite is, you guessed it, carbonara. It seems to me that I am ready to eat it forever! Here, for example, it is in another restaurant: But for example, spicy pasta, with pepper and the obligatory basil: By the way, in any place where you eat in Italy, they will bring you a bowl of grated parmigiano — pour it all out, and they won't take a single cent extra. Consumables! In most cases, they bring it right away, without asking.Parmigiano = parmesan, in Italy it is called that way.Before any meal, as a rule, in Italy, bruschetta is served — either as a compliment from the establishment, or included in a special offer, or you can order it yourself. In fact, it is a toasted toast with something on top, an appetizer. The cost of bruschetta is from 1 to 2.5 euros, depending on what it is with. We tried many different ones — but the favorite was bruschetta tomato: with olive oil, salt, basil and fresh tomatoes! Of course, now I also make it at home — however, our tomatoes are not at all like that ((((Italian pizzaThe second main dish in Italy after pasta is pizza — and yes, in my personal rating also. Pizza in Italy at a price of 4 euros (in Naples) to 15 (in Milan) — this is what we met. The average price is 8-10 euros, depending on the ingredients. The filling is different, but as a rule, 2-4 fillers, no more. Compared to many Italian pizzas, ours look like just stuffed pies. For example, I didn't really like Napoli pizza — it has anchovies in it. They give a very peculiar taste, and I already wrote about our attitude to seafood)))) Although my husband, despite this, really liked pizza with anchovies. Most importantly, feel free to translate (if you don't know) all the ingredients before ordering!Here is her photo: The rest of the pizzas were taken different, with different fillings — meat and not — everything is delicious! The main knowledge is that you need to choose pizza from the oven. It is called in FORNO — pay attention to this inscription either in the name of the institution or on the menu. Italian pizza is an insanely thin and simple dough, aroma from the oven, obligatory tomato sauce from tomatoes, usually mozzarella (we have such a pizza in my pizza). I didn’t meet delicious), and as a rule, mono- or duo- in the filling — that is, in addition to this, one or two ingredients. Pizzas are usually round — but in Italy we met Calzonepizza- This is a closed pizza with various toppings. In size, it (in my opinion) turns out to be even larger than a regular pizza, and the juice itself, the most relish inside. I must note that my husband didn't really like this pizza — compared to other Italian ones, he said that there was too much dough — he was spoiled already)) )) I didn't feel a lot of dough, but I' m just delighted with the deliciously juicy filling: due to the closeness, the cheese comes hot, does not cool down, plus the taste of the additional filling also becomes brighter. And all this is very tender and very juicy! Plus, the ingredients are laid out on top — it turns out a double filling. whoever has not tried it, I advise you to definitely try it! Italian lasagna does not impress me. it's worth a try, but believe me — it's better to open the reserves of your stomach for pizza or pasta))) Italian gelatto (gelatto) Well, one more obligatory moment in Italian cuisine for me is gelatto — ice cream. and I didn’t think about the fact that it is known and famous, but my husband already enlightened me in Italy. The most correct, most delicious, of course, is homemade gelatto. Well, or within the framework of restaurants — «own», not purchased, imported. The average cost is 2-2.5 euros, a full bowl as in the photo below is 5 euros. It fits three balls and a little more on top)))) In Italy, we tried a huge number of flavors. For some reason, pistachio is emphasized in all guidebooks — but we were both not impressed, we tried it in different gelateries. Italian gelatto seemed to me very creamy, very, very saturated. Like cream, but not cream — it is very difficult to convey the taste, but this is not a bit of frozen milk. And even our best ice cream (for my taste, this is RAMOS and Chistaya Liniya) cannot be compared. For me, the NUMBER 1 option of Italian gelatto was chocolate gelatto: — like gooey chocolate, but not that, — tenderness of cream — but not they, — ice cream cold — but not familiar to us. Indescribably rich chocolate deliciousness! Well, at the end of my review, I can’t help but mention not quite food — but an integral part of every Italian meal — Italian wine. I'm not a gourmet from the word at all, more than once in my articles I said that I define alcohol according to the principle «I like it — I don't like it», but «a subtle opening of the bouquet with subtle notes of something … » — this is not my thing at all.So: I LIKE all white Italian wine! )))Canteen — inexpensive, from 3-5-8 euros per bottle. A glass usually costs about 2-2.5 euros. The wine is easy to drink, it is slightly felt after the first glass — and the next morning, even after several glasses, I never had a headache. -"Bianco" — it means whiteWe bring home from Italy simple wines from the supermarket at a price of 3 to 6 euros per bottle — delicious, easy to drink, and priced like a magnet in Finland!Helsinki is an expensive city! < /i>Of course, there are many more national dishes and products not covered in the review. I told in my review about those that I remember and impressed me, about those that occupied a piece of my heart under the heading «Italy». The general conclusion, I think, is simple: I strongly RECOMMEND to try Italian food! how else?Probably, it will sound too grandiloquent — but it's true: food in Italy conquered not only my stomach — but also my heart. do not lose it online!Friends, do not forget to like (thumbs up), share the article on social networks and ask questions in the comments — so I will know that my articles about traveling around Europe are useful for you and work not in vain!Subscribe to my channel — there are many exciting texts about traveling around Europe with specific tips and recommendations ahead!

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