How to facilitate the work of conductors when traveling by train


Do not think, the conductors do not need to wash and clean anything to help 🙂 I love people, honestly! And I practically do not conflict — either we find a compromise, or it turns out to positively smooth the situation. And today I want to talk about trains and conductors. Few people think — what is it like working for them? Few notice them at all — so, we checked the tickets and we go further. But these people are responsible for our comfort during the trip — and in most cases they provide it to us within their resources! The trip is made up of little things. /» />So, what actions (or lack thereof) will make your flight easier for the conductor:1. If you see that the trash can is full, just put your trash in a bag (for example, from bed linen) and leave it on the table.After the flight, they will still clean the car, and this is much more convenient than «picking» a rammed tank, from which everything of various consistency falls out2. Don't throw anything down the toilet! No paperwork or anything! It takes time to fix — clearing the toilet (until the crew gets there, until they clean it, or (if the design allows) — the conductor himself can do it), and all this time the passengers will be with one toilet. And, of course, all the discontent will fall on the guides.3. Do not take cup holders as a souvenir or «accidentally» towelsAll this is deducted from the conductor's salary, which is not as big as you think. And even though you dump all the laundry after a trip in a pile — then the conductor carefully counts everything for sure.4. Think that you are not aloneCome to a compromise with your compartment neighbors and respect them! Do not bring the situation to the intervention of the conductor and do not force him to resolve the conflict or call the police. Do not listen to music and do not watch movies without headphones, if the neighbors went to bed — do not talk loudly and do not laugh 🙂 Please do not give toys with sound to children either! (this is my personal request :))5. Just be positive towards the guide, and answer questions without jokes No matter how strange it sounds — unfortunately, sometimes it has to be said: just be people! Guides are the same people, and they also want your joint the trip was comfortable for everyone! Do you notice, remember the conductors on trips? How to buy a train ticket if the tickets are over? Personal experienceDecember 21, 2021

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