How to get to the Hermitage without a queue?


Do not buy e-tickets in advance at exorbitant prices! Although my blog is mainly about Europe, I will allow myself to tell about Russian places and the nuances of visiting — I will not be afraid of this word, live hacks 🙂 The Hermitagein St. Petersburg is constantly recognized as the most the most: the most visited, the most famous, the best museum in Russia — and for good reason! The Hermitage Museum Complex is a whole treasure trove: from the history of Russia, royal interiors and paintings by artists to world art objects for demonstration to everyone. /scale_1200″ />My photoMy photoOf course, it is easier for the inhabitants of St. Petersburg — you can go to the Hermitage even on non-peak tourist days. But you never want to stand in a queue: neither on peak days, nor on off-peak days.When the Hermitage has the most visitors:one. Winter holidays 2. May holidays 3. Big weekend in early June and November holidays4. Days of free entry: every third Thursday of the month and May 18 — Museum Day. But here a small nuisance is revealed: electronic tickets can only be bought at full price: without discounts for students and other beneficiaries, as well as Russian citizens in general. An electronic ticket costs 700 rubles without options. A ticket at the box office costs 300-400₽depending on how many buildings of the Hermitage museums you plan to visit. In the courtyard of the main building of the Hermitage there are also vending machines where you can buy tickets for 700₽ without a queue.Photo from open sourcesPhoto from open sourcesBut don't do that! Not only is it uneconomical (twice the overpayment, and if you go seven?), But there is also a queue of those who use electronic tickets! My friend stood in such a queue for those who are out of line, 2 hours on May 2! We were there the next day — without a queue, in principle — at the most tourist peak!So, I reveal the secret! Friends, psubscribe to my channel, put likes and repost on social networks — this tells me that I'm not trying in vain! ! How to get to the Hermitage without a queue? The Hermitage is not only the Winter Palace, but also the General Staff Building, which is located directly opposite through Palace Square.Photo from open sources.Photo from open sources.A ticket bought at the entrance to the Hermitage is a ticket to both building ! And, accordingly, the same ticket can be bought at the General Staff!Instructions: 1. Come to the Palace Square and go to the General Staff. There may be a small queue — but it's more likely not a queue, but a slight traffic jam due to the frames of metal detectors at the entrance.2. Buy a general ticket for 400 rubles — that's it, you're handsome!3. Then it's up to you: either go to the General Headquarters, and then the Winter Palace (aka the Hermitage), or vice versa. Remember: the ticket is only valid for one day in both places!» I recommend going first to the General Staff Building on the third floor: the Impressionists and others are there: Monet and Manet, Renoir and Kandinsky, Malevich and Picasso… And then you can go to the Winter Palace!My photoPhoto don't lose my ticket while walking around the General Staff — we go to the Hermitage using it.4. We go around the queue, approach the guard who opens the door and show a ticket with today's date. The doors open and you are let in. As a rule, in the Winter Palace there are huge queues for the wardrobe. Do not stand near the closest ones, go to the wardrobes that are as far away as possible: there are places there!And one more piece of advice: keep an eye on your handbags and pockets: unfortunately, pickpockets have recently become active in the Hermitage in the flea market near the wardrobes, as nor is it unfortunate. That's it, you're inside, scan your ticket, go through the turnstiles and enjoy the unique treasury of Russia! My photo My photo

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