I went to Karelia for 3 days. I tell you how much I spent and how much I got for this money


All of a sudden, during the New Year holidays, we lost our temper and went to Karelia — or, more precisely, to Petrozavodsk. We wanted winter, snow and nature — and we got it! I tell you how much the trip cost us, including winter excursions, travel and accommodationTravel and housing We bought and booked everything 2 days before the trip — we took from what was. From St. Petersburg from the Ladoga railway station and back we went by direct train 11/12 Petersburg — Petrozavodsk. The train leaves around 11 pm and arrives around 7 am: convenient, neither the day of departure nor the day of arrival is split. Back — also: departure at about 10 pm and arrival at about 7 am. Tickets for the reserved seat cost us 1235 rubles for a one-way ticket per person. In total, the road for each cost 2470 rublesThere were three of us, therefore it turned out to be more profitable and more convenient to rent an apartment on this trip. I think that I was lucky to find a good option — a kopeck piece with a fresh renovation right next to the station (I like to settle on trips near the station, it's very convenient!). Quiet courtyard, trains are not heard at all and excellent hosts who settled us earlier.Screenshot of our apartment in Petrozavodsk from the Airbnb website. All my photos in the interior turned out to be with people, so I won’t post them, don’t blame me) Screenshot of our apartment in Petrozavodsk from the Airbnb website. All my photos in the interior turned out to be with people, so I won't post them, don't blame me) The apartment cost us 8400 rubles for two nights, therefore from each person — 2800 rubles Total travel and housing — RUB 5270Excursions During the three days of our stay in Petrozavodsk, we arranged three excursions for ourselves: On the first day, we walked around the city — one might say, we went from and to. And the embankment, and parks, and residential areas. When we were completely frozen (it was about 20 degrees outside), we went for a ride in a circle on a trolleybus around the city — 25 rubles per person. It can be counted as a sightseeing tour 🙂 The second day is a big tour with an agency on a minibus in Kizhi. Cost 5000 rublesper person for a full day from 8 am to 8 pm The day — we took an individual transfer. More precisely, an individual guide drove us by car to the surrounding beauties — the Kivach waterfall, the Sampo mountain, and the Marcial waters. On Mount Sampo Waterfall "Kivach" Reserve "Kizhi" And it is precisely the maximum that you can get when you travel with the locals and stop where you want. An individual transfer cost us 6,000 for three, plus entrance tickets to the Kivach nature reserve for 200 rubles. = total 2200r.per person.Total excursions — 7225 rubles.Meals To be honest — when traveling, we eat as we have to. More precisely — as convenient in a given situation. There is time and mood — we go to a restaurant, reluctance and have our own kitchenette — we buy sweets home. There were all options on this trip))) Buffet breakfast at the Piter INN hotel —510r. (right from the train to check in in the cold, I didn't want to go looking for something, we went right here) Dinner at the restaurant — 3800 for three, total 1270 rublesper person Restaurant "Yagel", which I liked the most Restaurant "Yagel", which I liked the most Breakfasts and dinner at home — were bought twice in the nearest Magnit for 1500 rubles, total 3000 rubles, for 1000 rubles. per person Plus about 500 rubles. for each I pledge to buy tea and coffee during walks, Karelian gates for a snack, and so on.Total meals — 3280 rubles.< b>Summing up : for one person, a trip to Karelia cost us 15,775 rubles.Impressions are priceless! If you just look at the numbers, it seems like a lot in three days. But I look at my feelings and impressions. Do not regret a single ruble spent! We walked around the Karelian nature, climbed in snowdrifts, I finally saw bullfinches for the first time in 7 years, admired the winter Kizhi and rode a hivus. The head has rebooted, and you can go back to battle! Budget after trips? A real fairy tale: 10 photos of winter Karelia and a general review of the January trip January 12

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