I went to New Year's Kronstadt. I have no regrets and I show you!


It seems to me that all the cities are beautiful this winter! In the first days of the new 2022, I decided to take a walk to Kronstadt — not far, but still a change of scenery. Getting to Kronstadt and back is easy by minibuses 405 (from Chernaya Rechka) and 407 (from metro Prt Enlightenment). I usually go to Kronstadt not to the Naval Cathedral — but to the very end, and then, walking, I return to the city. The most important thing that impressed me this time was the Gulf of Finland. Stunning, frozen, beautiful!On the ice, I was able to walk to the Powder Fort, which you can't get to at normal times. The impressions are very strong! The white expansion of a snow-covered bay, and ahead is a building that is inaccessible at normal times. Great! Powder Fort Powder Fort But it's time to head back to town. I can't say that Kronstadt is decorated somehow especially brightly — but it's interesting! For example, there are musical snowmen near the music school: And closer to the center there is a patriotic Santa Claus on the balcony! The Museum of the History of Kronstadt is very cozy in garlands, The main square seems to be decorated from a distance dimly — but if you come closer, you will find yourself in a whole alley of lights. And in the meantime, I'm all about my own — closer to the water. While I was standing and looking at the warships, suddenly a huge container ship sailed by in the background! (an icebreaker was ahead) It's beautiful! I went back to the minibus along Lenin Avenue — it is the brightest and most New Year's in Kronstadt now. There are decorated houses, and even trumpeting angels. And decorations on all the trees — the atmosphere is festive! The main thing is not to go to the side, into the darkness! Have you been to Kronstadt in winter? It happened — I would like to write, but it would be somehow strange)) The other day I said that in St. Petersburg from January 1, all toilets belonging to Vodokanal (and this is almost all) will become free. Today I checked some — in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt. As you can see from the photo, they have become really free! Still with the grandmother sitting inside, clean, with paper — but now absolutely … January 3

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