Not everything is so bad in Russian medicine: about medicine in the USA


WHello, dear friends! Here we all scold, scold our health care, but if you think about it: we do so much quickly and for free! Yes, employers or insurance companies pay for you — but you don't have to pay a bill in the hospital! I agree that there are a lot of questions about the healthcare system globally. But everything is known in comparison! So, for example, medicine in the USA is a multi-billion dollar business, and a legitimate one. Medicine in the United States is mainly not at «treating you», but at «providing a service for a lot of money» «/>Free healthcare in America is only for the poor. Well, as with us, it's not completely free — they pay for it, but not social security, but other taxpayers.If you are not poor in the United States, then you have two options for treatment: 1. Take advantage of insurance from the employer (part of the payments for it, as a rule, is paid by the employer, part — by you) 2. Buy insurance yourself (ceteris paribus, it will cost even more).
Is it possible to live in America without insurance?Can. But it's scary to go bankrupt. Any fracture, any illness — you will receive a bill with several zeros. For example, the same MRI costs about $2,000 — you will find out the exact amount after the fact, it can vary greatly, there is no exact price. You will also have to pay extra with insurance — but compared to the main amount of the bill, it will be a penny. will be admitted to the hospital. Of course, they don't keep you here without need, and there are no rules for how long to stay in the hospital for, like we have. The average cost of staying in a US hospital without insurance is about $1,700 — $2,000 per day. The situation with calling an ambulance is even more interesting. It is not customary to call an ambulance until there is a direct threat to life (and not like ours — «… wait a long time for the doctor, call, let them measure the pressure») In the States, the system is designed so that the ambulance doctors determine upon arrival whether the trip is justified. If suddenly the insurance company then considers the trip unjustified, then it will not cover these expenses for you. And the bill will come in the amount with two or three zeros, depending on what was done to you in the ambulance (at home and on the road). This will include used disposable gloves, and cotton swabs, and a dropper if necessary. The amount can vary from $500 to $3,000 only for an ambulance. Do you have a positive experience from our free medicine?

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