Peculiarities of Petrozavodsk that Surprised and Remembered Me


WHello, dear friends! According to my previous publications, it was noticeable that I visited Karelia for the New Year holidays. We were based in Petrozavodsk, the capital of the republic, and from there we traveled around the surroundings. Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia, stands on the shores of Lake Onega. The same age as St. Petersburg (also founded in 1703), but quite small: less than 300 thousand inhabitants. I am always surprised by cities that do not have a historical center: how is it? It seems that historically it should always turn out like this, that in some place people begin to build, build churches and fortresses, then living quarters grow around … But no! Petrozavodsk is one of such amazing cities. Houses in the city center replace each other over time, there is no clearly expressed historical center in principle. But on the other hand, among the skyscrapers you constantly come across old wooden houses that have not had time to be resettled:PetrozavodskPetrozavodskAnd this is also surprising: they usually settle in micro-districts, quarters, demolishing several houses at once, relocating residents and building new houses in this place. Not so here. They settled the house — demolished. built a new one. no one touches the neighboring one, it can stand still for 10-15 years! So even in the newest and most expensive microdistricts (I'm talking about the Varkaus embankment) wooden houses with stoves, or just two-story wooden sheds, are clearly not from modern life: Petrozavodsk , old sheds side by side with new housesPetrozavodsk, old sheds side by side with new housesAnother interesting feature for me is featurePetrozavodsk, it turned out that there are no markets here! Absolutely! It is in our understanding of the market — unorganized, without special licenses and beautiful pavilions. I often try to get to the market in new cities — often you can buy something local and tasty from local grandparents at non-tourist prices. This time I really wanted cloudberries — both jam and soaked. It didn't work out. I didn't ask how many locals — except for the Central Market, which turned into the Central Department Store, no one could name anything. No, they say, we have it. How so?! And an interesting detail: in Petrozavodsk, a large number of bicycles caught my eye, here and there tied to poles for the winter and covered with snow. Why, who does this and why — remained a mystery . Winter is in full swing, bikes are obviously not tied today. There are a lot of people like in the photo! I can't say that I fell in love with Petrozavodsk — but I liked it, and I will be happy to return here in the summer: I'm sure it will be no worse! Are you returning to places where you have already been? A real fairy tale: 10 photos of winter Karelia and a general review of the January tripJanuary 12

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