Pros and Cons of Traveling in Winter — My Personal Experience


I am very close to the statement of either the Swedes or the Norwegians: «there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes» Therefore, I sincerely believe that it is wrong to miss the winter period on travel because of the weather. You just have to dress appropriately! >: 1. We need to invest in buying comfortable clothes: warm, but light. This will not be cheap2. Despite good clothes, you have to dress in layers, like cabbage, and this is tiring. Well, plus always walk in a hat, you get tired of this too.3. Some natural sights look more impressive in summer4. Winter is also the New Year holidays, and during this period the price tag for tickets and accommodation soars everywhereThe advantages of traveling in winter I can allocate less in quantity — but, on my personal opinion, they are more weighty:1. Not many tourists around — no crowds. You can see everything without haste. there is no traffic and even the guides treat differently.2. If you go not on New Year's holidays, hotels are free, prices are lower for everything3. Unusual angles and views that can only be seen in winter — and which are seen by many fewer people than in summer! The main purpose of travel for me is impressions — not a conditional tick that I visited something, not 100,500 photos to post on Instagram , namely my impressions, sensations and something new. It is these «notches» in memory, I like to bring back from trips — and winter ones are often brighter than summer ones! For example, on a recent trip to Karelia, we rode a hivus on the Onega ice and visited frozen Kizhi: in my opinion, in summer these buildings are much less magical than in winter! And are you traveling in winter? Or are you waiting for summer? I went to Karelia for 3 days. I tell you how much I spent and how much I got for this money January 19

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