The habits of people who infuriate others in Russia: it turns out that each region is different!


Hello, dear friends! I recently came across an interesting study of the regions of Russia — and I want to share it with you. Our country is large, and our thoughts and mentality are also different. Even residents of different cities work in different rhythms — I wrote an article about this, the link is at the end under this post. Each of us has habits — and some of them can infuriate others. I always thought that what infuriates people about you is their personality. Well, someone doesn't tolerate it when they crunch with their fingers nearby — but for me, for example, it doesn't matter: he wants and crunches. It turns out not! (by the way, I found this questionnaire — a survey, it is still active, that is, the data is replenished) So, what infuriates people in different regions: Don't make a mistake when traveling there!Yakutia< /b> — when things taken for a while are not returnedMagadan region — when the interlocutor cracks his knuckles (from the frost there is activity there, or what? )Severe Nenets Autonomous Okrug and residents of the republic Tyva does not like it when people climb out of line. But the sedate inhabitants of Karelia are infuriated when they are interrupted. The dissatisfaction of the inhabitants of Chukotka is quite understandable — they are most infuriated when they are called after hours . If they work with Central Russia, they always get calls after hours!Kalmyksbut they are closed people. They are very infuriated when people talk on the speakerphone in front of them. Judging by the survey map, the majority of Russian residents, out of other people's habits, are annoyed by champing. And you know — it's nice! Infographics by Andrey KazakovInfographics by Andrey Kazakov This also suggests that we, for the most part, are well-mannered people! And what habits of those around you infuriate you? Faced differences in the speed of work of residents of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Perm. Telling you what to expectNovember 23, 2021

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