The rights of passengers in Russian Railways, which few people use because they do not know


Ilove to ride the train. Trains are predictable and independent of the weather; as a rule, you can lie down or walk around with your legs stretched. There is more freedom, and interesting people come across. There were no oddities and adventures on Russian trains — except for once, when boarding a train at 3 a.m., the car was packed and someone was sleeping on my shelf (and the conductor must stand at the entrance, he can’t leave). In the photo — Milan Central Station In the photo — Milan Central Station Abroad, I traveled only on sit-down trains, and it feels not as interesting there as in ours — it looks more like a plane))) Although trains and love are also different, so once we are a little they didn't drop off the train (if there was a ticket) But let's get back to Russian trains. Situations are different in life — and you don't always have to be sad right away that your train ticket is gone. Read, save or just remember:1. If you made a typo in your full name when booking a ticket.⁣⁣If there are no more than two errors in the data (one in letters, one in numbers), and this is not an international train, you can safely go, they must let you through. If necessary, it is necessary to refer to the telegram of Russian Railways OJSC No. 3/311 dated 05.10.2005 (TSLDV-2-59).⁣⁣2. If you have a ticket, but want to leave earlier — you can!If you have a ticket, you can leave on another train that leaves before yours. The main thing is that there should be a free equivalent place in it.⁣⁣⠀3. If you missed the trainIf you missed the train, this does not mean that everything burned down and you urgently need to buy a new ticket. Firstly, you did not use the service — it means that the money will be returned. Russian Railways can sell this ticket to people from other stations! True, the fee will be withheld — but most of it will be returned! 4. On the way, you can make a stop along the routeFor example, get off in the middle of the road, walk around the city you like and go further. To go further — you do not need to buy a new ticket! Within 10 days, you can leave by train of a similar route from the station where you got off. You will be charged only the cost of the reserved seat and the ticket reissuance fee.⁣⁣Important: To use this option, you must check in at the box office within three hours from the arrival of the train at the station.⁣⁣5. If you overslept your station, you will be taken to the next one for free. On the go, it seems that no one has been thrown out yet. So this is the duty of the conductor — to make sure that no one overslept and everyone went out where they were supposed to. Document for «meticulous» passengers — Rules for the carriage of passengers, luggage, cargo luggage by rail” (approved by order of the Ministry of Transport of Russia dated December 19, 2013 No. 473)⁣⁣⠀⠀How are you with train travel? Do surprises happen?

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