What do people not like in St. Petersburg?


I really love St. Petersburg, honestly. And when many years ago the question arose — where to move, to Moscow or St. Petersburg, my husband and I were unanimous: only Petersburg. Although, in Moscow, they say, there is more money, and life is more interesting — but, apparently, not for everyone. We chose St. Petersburg and over the years have not regretted it even once. That's why it's surprising for me that there are people who don't like much in St. Petersburg.You know, it's like a loved one — you love him whole, without dividing into parts.But sometimes even here, on zen in the comments , and visiting friends-acquaintances, and friends living in St. Petersburg Petersburg say they don't like St. Petersburg Petersburg, giving the following arguments:one. It became very crowded here: there are a lot of tourists on the streets, if we take the entire central historical part, cafe-restaurants are constantly busy and you can't spontaneously go to many establishments.2. There are many migrants from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan here: sometimes you look around and it seems that you are in one of the cities of Central Asia3. It has become difficult to drive around St. Petersburg and there are problems with parking. They drive on the roads without turning on the turn signals and not observing the traffic rules, unexpected road closures (someone arrived with a blue bucket, or they just shoot a movie). In the center, not only are parking lots paid, but there is also no place to find them4. Dear travel. Since the new year, a one-time metro ride has become more expensive than in Moscow (where, as you know, all the money) my favorite metro photo is the Ploshchad Vosstaniya station a second before the flow of people from both sides, my favorite metro photo is the Ploshchad Vosstaniya station a second before flow of people from both sides5. Petersburg is always gray: gray buildings, little sun, a lot of rainfall6. weather. People do not like its changeability, winds and quite often and suddenly coming rain. I talked about my attitude to the St. Petersburg weather in a separate article (link just below) Petersburg and for 10 years I still didn’t understand why they scold the local weather November 29, 2021 I listed this not because I agree with it. This is a compilation list of «non-lovers» opinions Petersburg. Maybe there are some more? Let's discuss in the comments — do you really see these disadvantages in St. Petersburg?

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