What to see in the Yaroslavl region: 5 interesting places around Yaroslavl


Hello dear friends! is with you, and today I want to tell you where you can go nearby and interesting from Yaroslavl. The New Year holidays are ahead, and it's difficult to sit at home for 10 days — probably many are somewhere will go. Here is a selection from Central Russia: 1. Walk around the center of Rybinsk. Look at the antique signs that decorate the entire center, take a walk along the most beautiful embankment, visit the chic Assumption Cathedral! It was here that the Golden Calf was filmed; and this is where you can shake hands with the bronze Ostap Bender Now it is a pleasure for tourists to visit. Lots of photos!September 30, 20212. Visit VyatskoeAn ancient village 30 kilometers from Yaroslavl. Here the village is practically recreated as it was before — a merchant and good-quality. There are many interesting museums, the atmosphere itself — in winter there is a special charm! I got into a simple Soviet village after modernization. The feeling that Teletubbies will appear around the corner does not leave! A March 19, 202113. Kostroma — 3 in 1 at once: the Snow Maiden's tower, the Forest Miracle Museum and the elk farm To be fair, I must say that Kostroma is not the Yaroslavl region, but since it is nearby (only 70km) — I also include in the list. It seems to me that it makes no sense to go to Kostroma for the sake of one thing — but to combine all three places or at least two is excellent! It is especially good if you are by car, as the Moose Farm is located near Kostroma, and it will take time to get there.4. Take a walk in Myshkin It's for the whole day! The whole small, beautiful town is dedicated to mice! Buy yourself a small purse mouse as a souvenir, go to a couple of museums and visit a themed cafe. Great for a walk!5. Visit UglichBuy Uglich cheese, visit the museum of Russian vodka and the museum of hydropower — it's really amazing!Uglich: sadness in a single tourist cityOctober 7, 2021I personally have a very ambivalent attitude to Uglich — in my opinion, it has recently become quite dull, abandoned and neglected. But for those who come for the first time for one day — it will be interesting! And where are you planning to go on vacation? How to get to small towns from Yaroslavl. I drove myself and share the best optionsNovember 18, 2021

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